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j r o c k x s t a r

are you ready to R O C K?

J-Rock✗ Community
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J R O C K [are you ready to rock?]

j r o c k c o m m u n i t y

Welcome to jrockxstar, a community dedicated to the Jrock genre. Here you'll find media, scans, and graphics. We welcome contributions by our members to make this community a fun and active one. The current layout, created by kaanivaru, features the jrock band ScreW

t h e r u l e s

The mods and maintainers here are trying to make this community as organized as possible. Please comply to these rules so your post won't get deleted. D:

This community is currently members-only. Please join to see the protected entries.
No fighting/bitching is tolerated. This includes bashing a band or insulting another member's music tastes.
We welcome suggestions for the community, but whining will not be tolerated. The community is like it is now because we find the rules we enforce are in everyone's best interest. You're free to leave if you don't like it.

When requesting, do not x-post it to another community. If you do so, your request post will be deleted.
Max request entries will be 3. There are other communities to request from.
When requesting, please include specific information. Such as, artist, title, date, etc.. If there is not enough info., entry will be deleted.
May request for only JRock related things.
Layout requests are not allowed.
For more information, please go HERE and read about the requesting policy.

Graphic posts that contain a link leading out of the community will be limited to four posts on one page. For more information, please go HERE.
Include as much relevant information as possible. If you're posting an album, please include the album art, tracklisting, release date, bitrate, and any other relevant information.
Image max widths has to be 300px. If larger, please place it under a cut.
Due to japanfiles' copyrights, the following artists' materials are not to be shared here: Angelo, As.Milk, Exist Trace, Girugamesh, Lm.c, Sadie.
Inappropriate posts will be rejected at the discretion of the maintainers.

Strike one - Any offending post (check the rules for what's acceptable and what is expected in every post) will be addressed once by a moderator. Failure to comply will result in your post being deleted.

Strike two - similar post(s) with like offenses (a "like" offense is at the discretion of the mod handling the situation. Continued cockiness or other offending posts to piss off the mods will result in immediate removal from the community). A mod will notify you once more and, if ignored, the post will be deleted.

Strike three - A third post with like offenses. A mod will delete the post and you will be removed from the community.
m e m b e r s


We are accepting more staff members. You can apply HERE. Thank you.

promote - credits
g o o d b y e

by nanaho_miharu

by aoi_shoujo

by gasara

profile codes: palebird.
css: spire.